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Boost Blog Traffic with Auto-Generated Social Share Images

Do your blog posts get lost in the busy social media feeds? Generic preview images could be the problem. Open graph or OG images are the small thumbnail photos that show when you share a link on social platforms. Attention-grabbing OG images lead to more clicks and traffic, while dull ones blend into the background.

Manually creating customized OG graphics for each blog post is extremely time consuming. That's why auto-generating these social share images is a must for any blogger looking to improve traffic.

Why You Need Custom OG Images

Generic OG images with basic stock photos or boring templates just don't captivate readers anymore. Low-quality and irrelevant images lead to poor click-through rates from social channels.

Well-designed OG graphics that showcase your brand and content, on the other hand, can lead to a 200-300% boost in social media engagement! The images appear front and center when your links are shared, so they need to catch the eye and draw readers in.

The best OG images clearly communicate what the content is about while aligning with your brand style. This helps establish credibility and trust with audiences.

Especially if you're using an AI blog writer it will help your content appear more natural!

How to Effortlessly Create OG Images

Auto-generating OG images through online graphic creators is the easiest way to produce customized graphics at scale. These tools have templates for various niches and content types to fit different blogs perfectly.

Many OG image creators have free plans with basic templates and color schemes, while paid upgrades provide more features. Look for generators that allow custom branding elements like logos, fonts, color palettes to maintain brand consistency. If you want to try our OG Image Generator, you can order here.

The best tools automatically generate properly sized OG display images for your entire site or blog. Some even dynamically create new graphics when you publish or share new content. This takes the design work completely off your plate!

Tips for Maximizing OG Performance

Choose OG image templates and designs relevant to each blog post topic so readers know what to expect when they click.

Include logos, special offers, CTAs and other brand elements to raise curiosity and encourage clicks. Experiment with different images to see which styling and messaging works best for your audience.

Refresh your OG graphics regularly with updated images and content to keep social shares looking fresh. This helps avoid the "seen it before" reaction.


Auto OG image creators are a game changer for bloggers looking to improve social traffic. They eliminate the need for manually designing graphics for all your content. With captivating and share-worthy images that perfectly represent your brand and content, you can double or even triple social media click-throughs!

Writing is not enough, getting indexed faster on Google, sharing your articles and publishing and reviewing your content is important too! OG Images can help.

Try a recommended OG image generator to save hours of design work while taking your social traffic to new levels.