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New Update
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ImageSocial is a service that generates open-graph social images for websites using screenshots to increase click rates.

OG Image for image.social

What is Image.Social?

Image.Social is a service that automatically generates engaging open graph (OG) social images for your website's pages. It creates optimized screenshots of your web pages to use as OG images, helping increase click-through rates when your content is shared on social media.

Why should I use Image.Social for my website's OG images?

Using Image.Social provides several benefits:

  • Engaging visuals: Show an actual preview of your page content, giving users a better idea of what to expect before clicking through
  • Increased CTR: In-context, relevant OG images tend to drive higher click-through rates compared to generic images
  • Fully automated: OG images are generated for every page without needing manual work or coding
  • Optimized: Images are the optimal size, high resolution, and fast-loading for social media

How does Image.Social work?

Simply use the provided Image.Social URL as the OG image in your page's HTML head tag: <meta property="og:image" content="https://image.social/get?url=yourwebsite.com/page" /> Image.Social will automatically generate an optimized screenshot of that URL to use as the OG image when shared on social media.