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$37 - Lifetime access
New Update
$37 - Lifetime access

Links Report

Links Report is a backlink management tool for SEO agencies and marketers. It helps track backlinks, monitor link building campaigns, and report on progress.

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What is Links Report?

Links Report is an all-in-one backlink management platform designed specifically for SEO agencies. It helps streamline link building efforts, monitor backlink status, and facilitate team collaboration.

What are the key features of Links Report?
- Centralized backlink management for all clients
- Automated alerts for nofollow, removed, or replaced backlinks
- Team collaboration tools for assigning tasks and leaving notes
- White-labeled reporting for clients
- Global monitoring to avoid using the same sites for multiple clients

How does Links Report help SEO agencies?

Links Report saves agencies time by automating tedious tasks, provides valuable insights to improve link building strategies, and offers a platform for teams to collaborate seamlessly. It also helps agencies impress clients with professional, white-labeled reports.

Is Links Report suitable for individual SEOs or in-house teams?

While Links Report is primarily designed for SEO agencies managing multiple clients, it can also be beneficial for individual SEOs or in-house teams with extensive link building needs.

What is the pricing for Links Report?

Links Report offers a 7-day free trial with full access to all features. Pricing details are available on their website and vary based on the number of users and clients. It's best to contact their sales team for a personalized quote.